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Exclusion Work

You may think there’s no activity going on in your attic or crawl space. After all, there’s nothing up there but old toys, keepsakes and other collectibles. But an attic/crawl space actually can be a very busy place: rodents love attics, particularly the fiberglass insulation now used in homes today and placed in the attic or crawl space. What’s more, squirrels, chipmunks, even rats also love attics and the old insulation. It’s so warm and pieces of it make a great addition for a nest. It’s so easy to chew on and break into pieces. So easy to move from place to place. In addition, rats and other vermin leave droppings behind. Lots of droppings that can be full of pathogens. Some of which can turn airborne. That’s why Abbott Pest Control recommends calling us for a attic inspection every now and then to see what’s living (has been living) up there.

Attic Clean Outs in California


What About My Insulation?

Attic Clean Outs in California

Even if you don’t have rodents in your attic, Give Abbott Pest Control a call to check out your insulation to determine its condition: you may need to add and/or replace worn insulation, otherwise you’re losing money in increased heating and cooling bills. Whether you have treasures that justify calling a television camera crew in or have simply accumulated a lot of junk, an attic clean out can make your home safer and even save you money.