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Dead Animal Cleanup & Removal

Abbott Pest Control has the proper equipment and training to ensure the safe, ecological removal of any dead animals found on residential and commercial properties. The process for cleanup is extremely involved, as carcasses must be bagged properly and the area must be disinfected. Furthermore, all bodily fluids and odors have to be taken care of before the job is complete, as residues may contain infectious bacteria or parasites. The professionals at Abbott Pest Control dispose of dead animals in accordance with all local California laws and guidelines.

Dead Animal Removal in California


Health Risks From Handling Dead Animals

Dead Animal Removal in California

First and foremost, dead animal carcasses can carry several diseases that are detrimental or even deadly for humans or domestic animals. These diseases are often contracted when physical contact is made with the dead animal carcass, which makes it all the more important that you contact a dead animal removal specialist as soon as possible.

Tularemia is one disease that can be contracted when a human comes into contact with an infected dead animal carcass. According to the Centers for Disease Control, tularemia is caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis and humans often contract it when they are bitten by ticks or deer flies, if they touch an infected animal, or if they ingest or inhale contaminated liquids or dust.

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