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Professional Gopher Removal & Prevention

There are three different species of gophers here in California, but the most common is the pocket gopher. They live most their lives in underground runways that they have dug. Gophers love freshly rooted plants as well as other plants that can be found near a building or home. In time, they may completely kill small trees and shrubs and can cause extensive damage to flower or vegetable gardens if they are not removed from the property. Their little teeth can also cause damage to underground cables and/or irrigation systems. The secret to knowing if you have a gopher problem is by their unique fan-shaped earthen mounds with the burrow entrance plugged with soil. If you notice these gopher mounds on your property, Contact Abbott Pest Control to help maintain your beautifully landscaped yard.

Gopher Control & Prevention in California


How do Gophers And Moles Effect My Property?

Bee & Wasp Removal in California

Getting rid of gophers and getting rid of moles require two very different methods of attack, so you will need to know which one you’re up against before you start making a plan. You’ll know if it's a gopher because the holes will be from where the gopher comes up and steals food. They’ll also eat plant matter that’s hanging out below the ground too, as they build their aptly-named “gopher towns”, consisting of intricate burrows and tunnels quite deep underground. Moles do not eat the plant matter as they’re creating those tunnels.

Both creatures are capable of wreaking havoc as they go about their underground business, often undetected for long periods of time too. If you have cables for utilities running underground, they can chew right through them, cutting power and other things to the home or building. Water lines are also at risk, which can cause flooding.